I never really had a problem finding time to make it to the gym. I have been really lucky up until now.. I started a new part time job, which I really enjoy, except for the fact that im gone all day, or sometimes night, and dont have time for anything else. This mainly meaning my workouts. 
We hear all the time about how there are no excuses to not working out. There are 24 hours in a day, use them wisely.  Up until now, I have given everyone a hard time that doesnt work out because of lack of time. Now I am finally put in a position to where I see what they mean. 
BUT!! There are still no excuses!! You have to be determined to get the work done.  Use your lunch break for a quick workout, do some lunges or chair squats, ( which I did while at work the other day).  Pushups are always good, take a walk, take the stairs. 
Food, how can I eat well when im stuck at work, and no time to eat?  PLAN PLAN PLAN,, and then PLAN some more :).  I have packed my lunch everyday so far.  Salads, with lean protein, some sadwiches can be good. Chicken breast and veggies, tuna on low carb wrap. Always have good snacks available. DO NOT even walk by the vending machine.. The mms will stare you down. Bring fruit, or protein bars, or almonds, even greek yogurt is a great snack.  The more you have planned, the less things seem to get in the way..
So no excuses still stands true,, if you need some ideas for workouts let me know..

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