BCAAS?? what in the world are those??
Branch Chain Amino Acids,, The amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine comprise 35 percent of muscle tissue. The BCAAs help increase work capacity by stimulating production of insulin, the hormone that opens muscle cells to glucose.  BCAAs are burned os fuel during highly intense training and at the end of long-distance eventes, when the body recuits protien for as much as 20 percent of its energy needs. 
Ok, so what does this mean to us?  When and why should we supplement with these?BCAAS are required to spare muscle breakdown while excercising.  We need BCAAs for energy, and when they run out, we must replace what we just used. Amino acids Glutamic and Glutamine are important for the growth of muscle tissue. BCAAs, have also been proven to add lean muscle if used with weight training, and also help gain strength So think about it,, you go to the gym , deplete all you BCAAs while working out,, wouldnt you find a way to put them back in your body? Especially if used for energy, and muscle growth?  
So how do you go about putting these amino acids back into the body?  And when should we supplement them? Taking BCAAs before, during, and after workouts is recomended.  This will help with evergy, and muscle synthisis, which is repair. I personally dont like popping pills,, If you know what i mean. I have found an awesome product which can help supplement these much neded amino acids back into the body. It is called Xtend( made by a company called Scivation).  This is in drink form, which tastes oh so yummy!  They recomend drinking before during, and after workouts, Pretty much you can drink throughout the day. I deffinately notice the difference if I dont have this product. My energy does go up, and I just feel better. Try it out and let me know what you think! And remember! Support your workouts!!
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