Week 4 is here, so its back to higher reps and lower weights.  Cardio is in form of intervals this week.  Focusing on eating away at that stubborn fat!  I have noticed slight change with this program!  Keeping the body guessing is a great way to make change.  Lets see what I can accomplish this week! Cant wait!
I am on week 3 of a 12 week lean out program, and my weight has only gone down maybe 2lbs.  Now if that isnt discouraging what is?  I have decided to quit weighing my self as much as I do. After all,, its not about how much you weigh, its how you feel, and how your clothes fit.  I am continuing to struggle on my cardio. Today I was able to get 20 mins on the bike and 7 mins on the rowing machine. I was going to add more, but found my self being exhausted.  So instead, I am going outside to do some yardwork, and play ball with my kids,, which is much better than watching tv! or snacking! 
So to all of you who are scale watchers!!  Join me in tossing the scale!  Listen to your body, and not a stinkin number on a scale! 

Today was the dreaded leg day for me today!  Why is leg day so terrible? Well in all reality, its probably not,, well maybe besides the fact that if you have a great leg day, you will be thinking about it for days after! lol! I managed to get through my week 3 leg workout! The first week I did this it took me 2 hours!  Today it was much quicker! And a lot less harder. Thats good, bc now I know I can push it up a notch on the next one :).  I think the hardest part of leg day is knowing my form is right. Knees not over toes,, check, push with heels check!  Taking the time to know your form is very important. The last thing I need is a knee injury. That would be aweful!  I was unable to do cardio this morning, for 2 reasons.. My legs needed a break, and I didnt have enough time.  Thank goodness my kids have volleyball tonight, so I can do some much needed cardio.. Im thinking about the row machine, as this will give my legs a little. 

Today is day 3 of my 12 week program. My workouts have been great! Cardio is still not quite where is should be, but at least im doing some. LOL! For those of you who know me,, I dont like cardio. Don't get me wrong,, I love what it does for my body,,, Just not a fan of having to do it.  The begining of the week is always fun. Hoping on the scale to see what kind of damage the weekend brought.  Hopefully not too much.  My weight is still at a standstill, but I see that changing soon.  I thought I would share with you one of my workouts, so you can see an example of what I do at the gym
Week 3 focuses on strength, 5 sets, but lower reps, which calls for heavier weight
My reps are at 5 for each workout, and sets are 6,6,10,10,12
Today was arm day:
Dumbell Lying tri ext  20lbs,20,lbs15lbs,15lbs,15lbs
cable pushdown 80lbd,80lbs,70lbs,70lbs,70lbs
dumbell overhead tri ext.  40lbs,40lbs,35lbs,35lbs,35lbs
barbell curl 65lbs,65lbs,55lbs,55lbs,45lbs
seated db curl 30lbs,30lbs,25lbs,25lbs 25lbs
preacher curl 55lbs,55lbs,45lbs,45lbs
Cardio, So far ive done 30 mins moderate intensity on recumbant bike.  Hoping to add more later. 

Last week i wrote about starting a program for leaning out. This week is my second week of this program. It is deffinately challenging my body. The second week of my program focuses more on higher rep, and interval cardio sessions.  For those of you who have done HIIT cardio, you know it is not easy!  But it works! You can deffiantely feel the fat coming right off your body.  Stay tuned for more progress.

Fall is in the air. The weather is not quite cooling down yet, but you can feel it coming. The festivals, and food fests are also on the way. Halloween candy! Ooohh! watch out! There are so many temptations that are thrown right in front of us. So how do we get around these candy corns, and chocolate treats? 
I have learned from experience that we cannot totally avoid our temptations. We cannot skip all the birthday parties, or school fall festivals.  We just need to learn to keep our portions small, and remember how hard we work in the gym. 
Here are a couple tips that might help you get through all those company parties, or fall festivals.
1. Eat before you go to a party. You are less likely to snack on unhealthy foods if you are not hungry.
2. Bring a healthy alternative.  Most of the time you might be required to bring something to share. Bring fruit, or a healthy dip with veggies.
3. Extra Cardio.  Add a couple extra intervals to your cardio session.  Think of the added calories you had at the company party, and keep sweating away :)
4. Skip the punch.  Bring water with you everywhere. THis also keeps you feeling full.
5. Go through the kids candy bags.  Is there really a need for 5 lbs of sugar sitting in your pantry?  Keep their favorites, and dump  or donate the rest.
Sometimes all we need is a little support.  We can all overcome the sweet or salty cravings we all have.  And make sure you dont skip out on any of your workouts :)
So to all of you out there, Happy Workout!

So, today was a great day for me at the gym. I am on day number 3 of a 12 week program to loose fat, and to tone up.  Today was one of the hardest so far. LEG DAY!  For those of you who train legs, knows that sometimes it can really take the energy out of you.  Overall my workout was great! I even did the dreaded lunges!  Its what happened while I was working out that was kinda funny, but also dangerous.
While doing my last set of Leg press, I look over at an older man on the flat bench. He was holding 135lbs on his chest, and it was not budging.  I tried yelling at some guys close by to help! But their ear plugs were in, and there was no way of getting their attention. So I rack my weight, and run over to this guy and lift the weight off of his chest, rack it, and go right back to what I was doing.  I figured it was emarassing enough to have a woman lift weight off of him. 
He then gets up. and goes on about his buisness, and later while i walked past him, he said,, that was emabarassing.. I said, hey,, it happens.  Now I know everyone was talking about what I did, but I did not want to cause a big fuss. I am not really into talking to people in the gym. If I talked to everyone, I would not get a workout in..
 I wanted to write about this, to remind everyone to be careful! Sometimes we get to feeling strong, and we go for the extra rep, or add weight, bc the last set was easy.  Just remember to alway use a spotter!  There was a recent accident at our local gym, where a very experianced power lifter dropped over 500lbs on his face.  This was not a good thing.  He survived, but i can only imagine the pain, and therapy, and many surgerys he has to go through.  Is it really worth it?  If ever in doubt, ask your fellow gym members to give a spot, just in case.  Getting hurt while trying to improve will deffinately set you back. 
Today is day one of a 12 week program for me. I am in a quest to lean out.  The workout I will follow is a combination of strength training, and endurance training.  My food will be high protein, and moderate carbs and fat.  I am including a lot of whole foods, and supplementing with whey protein.This is not going to be an easy task, but i am ready!  On occasion I will post some workouts, and food. 
I hope everyone else is setting goals, and working hard to acheive them!  You can do it :)
As some of you know, I have been working a lot of hours the past 2 weeks. I was blessed to have the extra work, and actually had a great time doing so.  But I did miss the gym. I only made it 2 times in the past 2 weeks. And for me,, that was just not good enough. 
I am now done with the job I had, and I am so looking forward to hitting the gym really hard.  I have a plan, and im ready to follow it.  No more road blocks.  I am going to follow a 12 week program, which involves varying workouts.  I am looking forward to changing my body, and taking it to a whole new level. 
I will keep you guys posted!