Today after curch I take the kids to sonic. Its become quite the habit, since I get my diet coke there ( which i have done much better on i might add! )  So today I actually order a cheesburger and onion rings. And of course it tasted good!  But not feeling good sitting on the tummy!  Not sick,, but just like a big blob in my stomach!   Im not feeling bad for eating it,, because overall I eat well!  But still goes to show you how fatty food just make you feel blahhhhh!!!

So I need to sit down and come up with some goals for myself. I make it to the gym everyday and hit is hard * (minus one day a week off) And my body is constantly changing for the better, but where am I headed? What are my goals?  Is being hot good enough?  Im not quite sure.  I would love for people to come up to me more and ask for help... Which actually they have been,,, so maybe i am accomplishing something!  I want to let people know that being fit is not a JOB! Its a journey, which can be enjoyed! Unless you enjoy cheeseburges every day! LOL

So off to vaccuming, and dusting, then hauling my oldest to church tonight!   gotta keep moving! have a fabulous day!

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