Have you ever taken time off your workouts? due to vacation, illness, or other reasons?  Im sure everyone has at one point or another.. We all need a break every once and a while.. But Its how long you take off that really matters.  Once you get out of a routine of working out, and eating healthy, it is so easy to stay out of that routine. So now what..
  I have found you need to find something to get the fire burning, or the wheels moving. This can be a date coming up, a competition, summer, whatever it may be stick to your guns. Sometimes that break you had can give your body the change it needs to take it to the next level.
    Setting a routine, and sticking to that routine is a good thing to do.  This way when you are back off your break, you know what to do, and how to get it done.. No messing around. 
 Another thing that might get you back into a routine, or on top of your routine, would be to hire a personal trainer, someone who can push you that extra little bit. Sometimew we all need a push.

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