I signed the kids up for a marathon. They were not too aweful excited to do it, but Im trying to teach them the importance of being healthy, and to keep moving.  I cant stand it when kids just sit in front of the t.v.  So this marathon is set up so they have to walk 25 miles, and keep track of them. Then on Jan 22nd they run the last 1.2 miles together.  They also recieve a tshirt, and a medal..
While I was at the gym today, my yougest girl walked on the treadmill while I was pushing out some leg excercised. She is already done with 2 miles,, 23 more to go.  I hope that all of you with kids show them how important it is to stay active, and eat healthy. If you teach them now, it is more likely to stick with them when they are older.  Now go out and take a walk as a family, and even log it in, so you know what you have done..

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