So between the 2 volleyball games, and one soccer game I attended today,, I managed to get a quick 30 min workout in.  This past week has been quite busy,, fall festivals, volleyball and soccer practice,, no school, just lots of changes.. This is not to be used as an excuse to skip your workouts..  It doesnt take very long to get off a schedule, then oops,, I missed a workout,, then oops i missed another one. 
Make sure you make time for yourself! It can be tough getting kids to their games, and many practices, and with the many festivals going on, sometimes scheduling gets hard. Even if your workout is cut short, its better to have one than none.  So if you are reading this, and havnt gotten off the couch today,, or if you havnt found the time to break a sweat,, stop what you are doing, and workout! walk, bike, lift some weights,, whate

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