I met with a trainer today.  A trainer that I chat with at the gym about workouts and supplements.  He helped me write a new program,, one more challenging for me.  I am looking forward to pushing myself a little more.  I work hard in the gym, but there is working hard, and there is working hard in a sense you challenge yourself to do what brings change.  I am ready for change.  As many of you might know,, I love lifting heavy.  I have put on 20 lbs in the past 2.5 years.  Now that doesnt get me down,, but what gets me down is the clothes not fitting.  I am going to be signing up with Rueben Sandoval for some nutrition help.  I have never hired anyone before for training or food,, but I guess there comes a time that we all need helpl... or that extra push.  I am ready! 

So tomorrow starts the new workout,, and God willing,, next week I will be starting my new food plan!  I cant wait! 

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