Christmas is less than a week a way, and you know what that means!  NEW YEARS!! This is the time to look at our lives, and see where we have been, and where we should be going! Time to set that new years resolution!  Have you thought about what it is this year!  I know for most of us it entails eating better, and loosing those extra pounds we managed to pick up somewhere.  So where do we begin?  The first thing we should do is set a goal. Goals should be set in stages. We should first set an overall goal, from there we should set little goals that will get us to our major goal.  Sometimes if we focus on a major goal, we might get overwhelmed, and give up..
There are many ways to stay motivated.. Join a support group. Find someone with similar goals, and keep in touch with them often. Push each other to get past sticking points. Keep your workouts fun. Set little goals,, so when you reach them, you can reward yourself with a new outfit, or a day at the spa.  Find a challange.  There are many challanges out there right now that may help you push yourself to the next level. 
Plan ahead!  If you plan to succeed, you are more likely to stay on you program.. If you decide to eat out with friends one day,, know ahead what you will order.. Stick to the plan.
If you are interested in setting a goal for the new year, but are not sure how to get there, email me. I would love to help your acheive your goal!  With the new year comes many new changes!  Let make it a great one!!

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