So, its that time of the year again. The kids are just about through with school. The heat and humidity has finally arrived.  What does this mean for us?  CHANGE!!! Change in schedule, change in flexibility.
This morning I made it to they gym at the usual time. Things started out normal, then,,, BOOM,, the people started coming in. People that arent normally there. People doing the fit club, young kids that are not in class, and of course all the regulars. This can make for a aggrevating workout.  If you are used to getting in to the gym early, and being able to use the machines you need without waiting, and then going to having to work around everyone, it can get quite frustrating. 
Have a plan.  So now the flow of people in the gym has changed, you might have to have a backup plan.  Number one.... Be flexible.  If you have your workout all planned out one way, and the machine you might need is taken, move on to the next excercise.  flexibility is a must when working out in a busy gym.  Change... change your routine so you can get in and out quick, Maybe use some of the machines that dont get used much.. or maybe use bodyweight excercises, such as pushups and pullups,, You can do these just about anywhere. 
Childcare,,, thank goodnes for childcare!! I have 3 kids, who are not quite old enough to workout in the gym yet.  What do I do with them while I am working out?  Most gyms have childcare, and if they dont, get up early, before the kids are up, and get your workout in.  There should be no excuses for not being able to workout in the summmer. After all, this is probably when we need it the most. 
Another thing you can do is to find out when the rush wears off. There are still certain times of the day that will be slow. 
Summer will be over before we know it, so enjoy it while its here. Get to the beach, visit your local parks. Do some walking / running / biking. Stay active, drink lots of water.  Keep fitness important to

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