After a day of eating bbq and corn on th cob, and mac n cheese, my body is rebelling.  I feel like I am super heavy and off lately.. I have notice I have relaxed quite a bit on my eating and my body is telling me about it.. I have learned a lot about my body as I have been working on myself for some time now.. I have told myself that I would not let myself go again. I will not eat myself to being unhealthy and oveweight.I will listen to my body, and know when its time be more strict.   So after eating bbq with the family today, I am ready to watch what i am putting in my mouth. 
Tomorrow I plan on gettimg some cooking done, Pre cooking my meals keeps me acountable for what I put in my body, and helps me stay on track for my goals. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial day. Have fun, Be safe!
5/29/2011 12:40:40 pm

Garbage in garbage out right. I am proud of you! Keep up your hard work. It is a lifestyle and not easy with the family who likes "other stuff."
See ya soon,


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