Sunday we returned from a week long vacation in Va and washington D.C.. I keep telling my husband, It wasnt really a vacation, it was more like a field trip.  I mean, taking 6 kids to D.C. and many historical places is not my idea of relaxing. We arrived in VA on a Sunday night around 10, only to have to get up at 4:30 in the morning to drive 3 more hours to D.C.  From there we walked, and walked, and walked some more.. I thought I was gonna pass out from exhaustion..  That was only day one :)
Now I did take the whole trip off from working out, and did not focus on my food. And when i weighed myself, just for the fun of it, I was down 5lbs.. I was excited!!  I ended taking one more day off after we got home to recoupe.  14 straight hours of driving will take it out of you, not to mention the 6 kids, and everything we tried to jam into a week. 
So yesterday started my first day back to the gym.  I am already sore.. It felt so good to know my body was responding to my workout.  I am ready to see some changes in my body, which means its time to get serious.
 A break every now and them can be a good idea. It gives our body and mind time to rest, and get ready for the next phase..
 I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. For those with kids, I think there are only 4 more weeks till our routine is changing again.  I am looking forward to having a set schedule, instead of getting up when i feel like it.
So everyone enjoy your summer while it is still here. Get your workouts in, and eat healthy, and if you need a break , go for it. It could be the much needed break you need to spark your desire and want to back up. 

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