I know I tend to write about things I see at the gym. But there is a reason for it.  There are so many wrong things that go on it the gym. Most of them go unlooked, and I am shocked there have not been more injuries due to complete idocracy.  Lets take today for instance..... There was a new guy, well one ive never seen before,, In the gym working out.  He was doing various excecises, but caught my eye when he was doing the leg press.  He kept adding more and more plates, and i lost count, but it was loaded!  Now this guy was not very big, and I was kinda shocked he could do that amount of weight.. Then he started pressing.... he pressed it up, and it bounced back, and repeated probably 12 or more times.. Now this movement was not slow and steady, it was more of a bouncing movement.. I was just waiting for his knee to pop on him,, or something bad happen... It didnt thank goodness.. But why did he have to put so many plates on,, just to do the excercise the wrong way??
The number one thing I have been taught, and learned over time,, is form in the most important thing to know when working with weights.  Our joints and tendons and muscles are meant to work in certain ways, and if we put the wrong amount of stress or weight on them ,, it could be bad.  Now Im not saying that lifting heavy is bad.. You guys should know me by now.. I love lifting heavy.. I actually got a personal record on the leg press last week!  Very exciting!  But I did not bounce the weight off my feet, I slowly lowered and pressed,, and I had a spotter, in case i couldnt press it up..
I just want everyone to be safe, and be aware that there is a proper form for every excercise. If you are questionable about something ,don't do it until you are sure of the proper form.  It is not worth being injured, just to show up someone else in the gym. Or to impress the other guys in the gym. 
Happy Lifting! :)

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