So i realized I havnt blogged in 3 days.. Where did the time go? Does the fact that I have 3 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, a house, and other things to do matter.  You would think it would. It would be so easy to just say,, hm.. I dont have time for this. My kids are more important, or, Maybe I have to go to the store. How bout, im too tired for this, or I would rather go home and relax.. Well I say that is the totally wrong attitude to have.. This is your health we are talking about. If you find no time for your health, you will be soon regreting it.
  So how do we balance home life and gym life. It can be hard, but it can be done.. Many people who work can come up with oodles of excuses. Most people are given a lunch break of 30 min to an hour.. Does it really take that long to eat? If so this might be part of the problem of not being healthy :).. It does not take hours a day to work out, or eat healthy.. Pre planning your food choices, or preplanning your workouts can save you a lot of time.. What might be the harder part of it could be finding the motivation.. So I say buckle down,  and just do it. You will see results sooner than you think, wether it be weight loss, or a positive atitude, or even having more energy.. You just have to make the time for yourself.. 
  SO in conclusioin,, YOU HAVE TIME FOR THIS!! NO EXCUSES!!

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