There are so many benefits from weight training for women.Weight loss can be put on the top of the list for adding weight training to your routine.  Many women focus on cardio as their choice of fat loss, and this is great! because cardio is needed to burn fat. But should this be done alone?  Did you know 1 pound of muscle can burn around 35 more calories per day! Thats incredible!! I dont know about you, but I love to eat, so the more muscle I have the better!! 
    But will women get bulky lifting heavy weights?? This seems to be a big issue for women. Who wants to look like a man?. Weight training will give women long lean muscles,which will burn fat, and give us a leaner look. Dont worry about bulking, it will take a lot more than lifting heavy weights to add that kind of muslce to a womans physique..
    Weight training, and cardio can be the best combination for loosing fat, becoming stronger, and looking great! Dont be afraid to lift heavy! Women can be strong and still look beautiful! 
    Another great benefit of ;weight training for women is that bone density can be increased by up to 13% within 6 months! This can help in the defense against osteoporosis.. Who wants to have brittle bones? Not me! 
   So add some weights to your routine, There are too many reasons not too!!

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